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"For over a decade we have sailed the world creating the best week-long sailing itineraries. We sailed countless coastlines and archipelagos with thousands of guests and enriched our lives with our shared experience at sea. As itinerary curators, we have the finest group of captains and chefs leading each adventure so the Sailing Collective Travel Co. can create the most enjoyable and life-changing adventure."

Thailand Winter 2023 Group Voyage

Thailand Winter 2023 Group Voyage

A Sensory Experience Awaits

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Referred to by residents as "the Kingdom," Thailand is enchanting. Sail this fairy-tale coast and you'll discover jungles enveloping otherworldly rock formations, wildlife on both the sea and land and welcoming people.

Bursting with flavor and powerful scenery, life is friendly and people are gracious. The coastline is endless, with over 1,000 nautical miles of shore in the Gulf of Thailand and along the Malay Peninsula, where you'll find the Andaman Sea, home to some of the most interesting sailing anywhere in the world.


January 21 - 28, 2023

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Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda

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