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Set sail on a bareboat voyage and book with confidence and explore the world by sea - With over 40 unforgettable sailing itineraries decide to remarkable adventure and page your own way. Sailing Collective has over a decade of exclusive knowledge on the world's greatest bareboat itineraies and we'll share all our secrets.

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Bareboat vs Private Charter

What is a Bareboat Charter

Qualified sailors with a cruising resume can charter a private sailboat as the skipper in locations worldwide - most bareboat charters are booked on a one-week basis and certifications are required in select locations. SC Bareboat will provide a customized itinerary briefing before your charter to offer our expertise and prepare you for your voyage.

Why Sailing Collective

Embark on your voyage with confidence - the Sailing Collective team has extensive knowledge of each itineary with over a decade of research and field word. Beyond having detailed notes on each anchorage, we will provide to you exclusive info to locals for all your activities for your charter.

Who Can Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charter locations throughout the world have varying requirements for skippers ranging from submitting a sailing resume or holding specific certifications such as USSailing or American Sailing Association bareboat charter 104 cirtifications. Curious where you can charter? Contact us and let's talk!

Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

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Bespoke sailing voyages worldwide for your friends and family.

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