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Gulf of Naples + Pontine Islands

Gulf of Naples

A Tyrrhenian Adventure Awaits

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Naples is the vibrant southern Italian city known across the sea for its alluring tattered edges. Home to the ancient city of Pompeii and indulgent cuisine, it’s the culprit for dried pasta and yes, the birthplace of pizza.

This major port city is the jumping off point to the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Campanian Archipelago including the seductive island of Capri, Procida, Ischia, Ventotene, and Ponza. Headed west you can sail to the intoxicatingly wonderful Phlegraean Islands: Ischia, Procida, Vivara, and Nisida. The islands sit centered off the Sorrentine Peninsula between the two gulfs and extends to the Pontine Islands.

Boarding Time: 9:00am Sunday | Disembarking Time: 9:00am following Saturday

Starting Marina: Amalfi

Ending Marina: Salerno

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June 16th — 22nd 2024

7 days, 6 nights


Gulf of Naples + Pontine Islands


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1 Single Cabin


$4500 Single Cabin


Life at sea is the backbone of their society and its dangers are respected just as the merits are celebrated by local residents and visitors alike, as a sailor you arrive to welcome understanding of what it means to journey on the sea.

Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey, depicts a voyage that sails through here and several of the islands are mentioned in recognizable detail although the names have changed.


Eyes on the Gulf of Naples


Sitting just six nautical miles from Procida is the renowned island of Ischia and the largest of the Phlegraean Islands. Volcanic origins left Ischia with an imposing mountain peak and its famed natural thermal baths that flow along the ocean's edge. Even when the island is busy in the summer months it is a quiet retreat compared to Naples, sailing by you see its lush greenery and brightly colored flowers from afar. Groves of vineyards and olive trees grow on terraced farmland along the steep edges. Home to four safe marinas and some less well protected anchorages, including many secluded coves only accessible by boat-- the distinctive features of this island do not disappoint. 

Baia di Sorgento

Baia di Sorgento, located along the southern coast of the island is a rocky and steep cove home to a small restaurant and a natural thermal baths. Steaming hot freshwater flows from the island into the cove and when it hits the salty ocean water, it creates a natural thermal bath in the rocky water along the beach


From the watchtowers of Ischia’s castle, fifteen nautical miles away Capri appears in the heat of the summer haze. The island sits off the coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula and is perhaps the most famous island in the Mediterannean. Sheer cliffs rise from the ocean dramatically for hundreds of meters on most of Capri’s shoreline.


The Town of Amalfi sits in a dramatic valley cut into a steep coastline that is famous for its combination of rugged terrain and beautiful architecture. The cliffs that dwarf the cathedral in town only serve to make it’s grandiose steps and Italian gothic facade more impressive.


The population currently is 300 yearly residents, and the population jumps to about 700 Italians during the summer months. During peak season, the harbors are full with transient sailors passing by during their Pontine Islands itinerary. Stepping off your boat and onto the island is like going back in time, where children swim in the ancient grottos lined with Roman-era carved steps that lead into the sea, while grandparents enjoy conversations in the island’s town square with the stresses of modern life nowhere to be seen.


The eastern face is known for its steep limestone cliffs that drop dramatically into the emerald sea below. When making the approach to Ponza sailing west from Ventotene, the first thing you’ll notice is the island’s jagged cliffs that become illuminated upon closer reach. The anchorages are lined by chalk-colored white and beige cliffs with its eroding edges drop into the sea, while lush plants line the layered landscape above. It’s popular among sailors and the anchorage is busy during the summer months with boats of all sizes lining the coast, from megayachts to dinghys. Swimming off the boat looking up at the dramatic rocks above is a highlight of anyone’s life. It smells fresh, pure air and when swimming, you can see octopus and other local fish along the sandy seafloor. 


Palmarola is a small island located eight nautical miles from Ponza and an easy day sail from the main port. The island is characterized by its sheer beauty and the dramatic size of the sheer cliffs along the eastern coast.


Frances "Franky" McCarthy

Frances "Franky" McCarthy


Franky is a South African captain, dive instructor, yoga teacher, and water sports enthusiast. She grew up on a farm but was always drawn to the sea. After graduating from university, she began working in the yachting industry and has held a variety of positions, from captain to chef to deckhand. She is passionate about the marine environment and is committed to sustainability. She is also a strong advocate for women in the yachting industry. Franky has sailed yachts of all sizes in both coastal and offshore waters. She is familiar with the rules and regulations of the maritime industry and has a deep understanding of seamanship.Franky is a certified PADI dive instructor and is passionate about the underwater world. Franky is an experienced water sports enthusiast and enjoys surfing, sailing, and scuba diving. She is always up for an adventure and is always looking for new ways to explore the marine environment.

Jon Bickford

Jon Bickford


A native to Maine and unabashed thalassophile, Jon has worked on the water for over 12 years and has sailed over 15,000 miles. On land he has walked the width and breadth of two nations and has lived in cities from New York to Honolulu to Bangkok. While solo journeys have incredible value, for him, it is the communal expeditions in outdoor settings that have defined Jon’s time in the wilderness as they provide the rare combination of camaraderie and growth that only can be known through group adventure. He holds a USCG masters license, and has participated in international competitions on traditional 18th century wooden Bantry Bay Gigs, canoed Alaska's Inside Passage rain forest, and operated a marine research vessel for Cornell University. When not on the move, he enjoys living in small island communities off the New England coast.

Flavia Lauri Chef

Flavia Lauri Chef


Flavia was born and raised in Rome. Food has always been an important part of her days growing up, from spending her weekends choosing ingredients at the local market to sharing the table with and feeding the ones she loves. After an Economics degree, she realized that a life of mathematical models was not for her, and she spent the last 7 years cooking at Ducksoup in London and then at Lille Bakery in Copenaghen. She learned the beauty of cooking seasonal food, with small passionate teams, in casual familiar settings. And that food is never just food. It’s a way of building a community and creating connections, all around a table. She has just moved back to Rome, to explore her hometown and the wonderful agricultural biodiversity that her motherland can offer.

Location Information

  • Marina: Porto di Amalfi at 9:00am

    • Porto di Amalfi is roughly 45 minutes from Salerno by taxi. We recommend guests stay in Amalfi or a nearby town. Staying in Salerno is doable and we'll want to confirm a taxi for a Sunday morning pickup in advance.

  • Marina: Marina d'Arechi, Via Salvador Allende, 84123 Salerno SA, Italy

    • We finish the charter in Salerno arriving back at port by 6:00pm and disembarkation at 9:00am on Saturday. Taxis will be reserved in advance.


Embarking: The meeting time is 9 a.m. on Day 1. If you will be late for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make accommodations! Your crew will be in contact via email and Whatsapp the evening before to give you the exact dock location of the boat.

Disembarking: You will arrive back to the marina by sunset on Friday evening and spend the last night on the boat at the marina. Disembarking is by 9 a.m. Saturday morning. Your crew can help arrange a taxi for you if needed.


The closest airport is the Naples International Airport (NAP). Salerno is about a 50-60 minute drive from the airport. While taxis are readily available at the airport, we would be happy to arrange a transfer for you in advance.

Alternatively, you can take a train to Salerno from either Roma Centrale (the main train station in Rome) or Naples Centrale, which is. a two hour or 45-min train ride, respectively. We recommend booking your train tickets in advance.


Checkout some of our favorite spots in and around Naples here.


The climate of the Italy is ideally suited for sailing, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Winds are generally north-westerly averaging 8 to 12 knots (8 – 14 mph) with the windiest period being July and August. During the cruising season of April to October, the skies are blue and the weather warm, with water temperatures averaging 80 F 


Euro is available from ATMs at the airport using a chip and pin debit card. Make sure to call your bank with a travel notification.

General Information

Provisioning Sailing Collective will provision your journey with local foods and produce.  Cooking Aboard: Your Sailing Collective chef/crew is incredibly talented and can handle the group's needs with ease. We are all about participation and learning, so if you'd like to help, just ask and we'll get you involved! Collective groups may choose to dine out more times than scheduled if the group or individuals choose.

Included in provisioning package*: 

  • 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 3 Dinners (or similar), Light Snacks, Water, Coffee & Tea

* Subjected to change

Dietary Restrictions We can accommodate as long as we know in advance! It is important to notify us of any dietary restrictions ahead of time and include full details in the Guest Form that you will fill out prior to the start of the trip.

Sailing a group journey is a collective experience calling us to ebb and flow with the tides of the group. While alcohol and soft beverages are not included, we find a well curated bar shared across the group works out best. We offer two beverage during group journeys packages during the course of the week*:

• $150 for wine, beer, spirits and soft beverages • $75 for soft beverages and under 5 alcoholic drinks. *Private charters, beverages are billed to the charter

You can also choose to bring your own beverages on board at no cost. Beverages through our package options will be provisioned for by your crew based on the preferences shared in your guest forms. Alternatively, if you plan to purchase your beverages separately, it is best to stock up before we depart the marina! Morning beverages and water are included for all guests.

Please confirm your package choice within your guest form so your crew can plan accordingly!

ADDITIONAL COSTS We recommend planning on having at least $300 – $600 in spending money depending on spending habits. You will be responsible for paying for:

  • All expenses on shore including meals and drinks

  • Flights and transportation to and from the marina location

  • Onboard beverages

  • Gratuity (a 10% to 20% offering)

GRATUITY Tipping your captain and crew is welcomed. If you are satisfied with your service, the industry standard for yacht charters ranges from 10-20% of the cost of the charter. Gratuity is split evenly between the crew and can be paid via cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal. Please contact your Sailing Collective Journey Coordinator if you have any questions.

  • 10% - Standard good time on holiday with good service.

  • 15% - Exceptional service on your holiday with exceptional service!

  • 20% - Extraordinary experience and your crew sent the voyage to the moon and back!!

PACKING LIST Collapsible bags in place of large rigid suitcases are advised for ease of transport on and off the boat. Loading and unloading from the dingy can be a wet activity, a pair of shoes such as flip-flops that you can get wet if we are landing on a beach is recommended.

As the vast majority of your time will be spent outside, prepare for elements - bring a light raincoat just in case, a hat to shield yourself from the sun, and a warm layer.  Throughout the week we may dine out at a nice restaurant, so bring an outfit looks nice and suits your style.

We also encourage that people bring ecologically appropriate products into ocean environments. You can read more about those recommendations on the Sailing Collective Journal here: Packing for a Healthy Ocean

The Journey Schedule Meeting time is at 9:00am on Day 1 of the charter. We return back to port on the final evening by 5:00pm and disembark between 8-9:00am on the final day.

Terms & Conditions By booking this journey, you agree to comply with the stated Terms & Conditions and Covid Considerations, available on our website. Please contact info@thesailingcollective.com with any questions. 

Travel Insurance We recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy that protects you in case of general and covid-related trip interruptions. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, you forfeit the right to a refund or credit in the event you have to cancel your trip with Sailing Collective.

PASSPORTS AND VISAS Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and for six months after you return. The Sailing Collective cannot be held responsible for refusal of entry or travel due to lack of visas. If you are in any doubt please contact your Embassy for full details.

REALISTIC DISCLAIMER ABOUT BOATS Boats can break. Charter boats are like a rental car, they are checked before and after each charter. The engineer team is required to check the vessel for maintenance issues and make repairs during the half-day turnaround. Vessels require constant attention like any other complex mechanical system. If you are particular about your exact vacation requirements, we recommend booking a yacht charter with a higher price point allowing for an onboard engineer and we are happy to assist brokering a luxury yacht charter for you and your group.

About the Food

The Sailing Collective Travel Co. takes food to a new level. We believe by sourcing local ingredients from local friends we have made throughout our travels pushes us to experience where we are by being engulfed by the regional flavors.

Each voyage, both group & private, has a private culinary artist aboard preparing some of the most unique, interesting, and thoughtful food you may ever enjoy in your life! From breakfast to dinner each day of the journey, we are blessed by beautiful meals by one of the most talented culinary teams in travel anywhere in the world.


Dufour 48 Catamaran

Dufour 48 Catamaran

Lagoon 46 Flybridge

Lagoon 46 Flybridge

The new catamaran LAGOON 46 combines easy sailing with plenty of comfort. Relaxed, effortless sailing paired with comfortable accommodation are the highlights of the LAGOON 46 catamaran. The French yacht designers placed value on an elevated helm station and on the three spacious lounge areas on this catamaran. The LAGOON 46 catamaran comes with 3 or 4 cabins and offers enough space for up to eight guests plus crew.

  • Bedsize: Just shy of a queen-size mattress

For more information about the Lagoon 46 Catamaran

Gulf of Naples



June 16th — 22nd 2024



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