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Global Pandemic 2021/22 Travel Guidelines

Here at the Sailing Collective, we have long known the value of staying away from the crowds and voyaging into the more remote regions. Now we find ourselves at the forefront of the future of travel where small groups and intimate experiences are not only the best way to see the world, but also the safest. 

Although our trips are already well situated for the new reality of travel we have gone above and beyond to make every experience as safe as possible. Here is what we are doing and what you can do to help as you join us on a Sailing Collective journey. 

Your health and safety is our top concern

We closely monitor travel advisories in all the locations we sail. Our commitment to safety starts well before we ever set foot on a sailing vessel; it is the first thing we think about when planning a voyage.

Flexible Options For New Bookings:

We have added additional flexibility to your travel planning including an updated cancelation policy and the ability to reserve certain trips with smaller and more flexible deposits.

Reduced Deposit: Upon request, we can arrange for a reduction to 30% deposits for bookings in 2021.

Added Flexibility: We will hold the option to reschedule your trip at no cost if travel continues to be restricted.

Flexible Options For Previously Booked Voyages:

Keep booking as-is: Great, we'll see you on the water! If anything changes, we will contact you to move forward with one of the two options listed below.

Reschedule in 2021: We will work with you to find new dates for your trip.

Reschedule in 2022: We may be able to rebook you into 2022 in some circumstances, please contact us if this is the best option for you and we can discuss your options.


Preparing for your Journey

We pay careful attention to world news and how it impacts the safety of travel. For guidance during the COVID pandemic, we look to the CDC and WHO and consult local authorities for up-to-date information that guides our decision-making. We stay informed and communicate directly with you before and during your journey. Decisions will be made with the safety of everyone involved as the most important factor. 

Crew health

Sailing Collective crew will have a Covid-19 test prior to the journey and stay appropriately quarantined to ensure the accuracy of the results leading up to your arrival. 

Your health 

During the voyage, any symptom of illness including fever or cough will be evaluated and may result in appropriate steps to end the journey for one or all guests and crew members depending on circumstances. 

Onboard the Boat 

During the journey, your crew will be included in your quarantine family. Masks will not be required onboard. Boats will be thoroughly sanitized prior to your arrival and our standard of cleanliness will be even more stringent than usual. 


Both crew and passengers will be encouraged to wear appropriate face coverings when dealing with the world outside of the boat.


Meals ashore will be available based on local regulations and your own comfort level. Depending on your trip there may be opportunities for outdoor dining ashore or possibly picnics set up with food from a local establishment. We can also arrange to have all meals onboard and forgo dining out during your journey.

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