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Phang Nga, Thailand

Sensational Discovery in the Andaman Sea

Referred to by residents simply as the Kingdom, Thailand is enchanting. Sail this fairytale coast and you’ll discover jungles enveloping otherworldly rock formations, wildlife on sea and land, and altruistically welcoming people who love this land with all their heart. Thriving with flavors and powerful scenery, life is friendly and people are gracious. The coastline is endless with over one thousand nautical miles of shore on the Gulf of Thailand and along the Malay Peninsula where you’ll find the Andaman Sea, home to some of the most interesting sailing anywhere in the world.

One-Week Crewed Private Catamaran Charters from $19,000-$32,000 [all inclusive]




October through April. The top months to explore Thailand is December, January, and February. November and March are very pleasant as well - Recommended to book 8 months prior to the departure date -


Itinerary Option

A few of the islands: Ko Racha • Ko Poda • Railay & Tonsai Beach • Ko Yao Noi • Ko Yao Yai • Ki Panyi

Entering the river delta area in the north of Phang Nga Bay you will find the island of Ko Panyi where a densely populated small village is built on stilts sitting above the water. This is referred to as the “floating village”, but only the boats ride up and down with the tide, houses sit on stilts over the sea.

Two large islands sit in the middle of the bay: Ko Yao Noi and Ko Yao Yai, separated by a shallow passageway. Although a number of modern resorts have recently been developed here, these islands remain rural and traditional. The two islands are lush and geographically appear more similar to Phuket than the nearby hong islands, even if they are a world apart culturally. Going ashore will take you back in time to where the island of Phuket was before it became a major tourist destination.

Across the bay from Phuket towards the east is Krabi province, a mountainous part of mainland Thailand known for their steep and towering cliffs that stand tall over the sea below. Railay beach is on a mainland peninsula but not accessible by roads because of the impenetrable mountains that block land travel to Krabi town. The beaches are lined by hotels and tourists brought in by longtail boats flood the white sand beaches. 

Not far from the hustle of Railay beach is a group of islands with great snorkeling, idyllic beaches and world class deep water solo rock climbing. Arriving at these islands from Railay will remind you why sailboats are the absolute best way to see the world.

Busy during the day with boats taking tourists back and forth from Phuket, parts of this sparsely inhabited island can become overwhelmed by daytripper tourists. Fortunately, for sailors, we spend our day sailing the seas. Tour boats leave Patok Beach in late afternoon as we arrive and by early evening the island is quiet and serene. Going ashore on a walk towards the village where the islanders live, you will pass by water buffalo grazing in fields along the dirt roads and islanders tilling the land. 

The Phi Phi Islands over the years have become a beacon for backpackers wondering this part of the world, and during a trip ashore, their slightly rambunctious lifestyle is beyond evident. This activity contrasts greatly with the experience a sailor will have just around the corner anchored off a jungle cove with monkeys on the cliffs high above your mast top. 


Professional Captain

Professional Captain

Your professional crew are talented explorers who combine their love of sailing with personalized hospitality. Each captain is professionally certified and able to lead your one of a kind experience at sea.

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Private Chef

Private Chef

A Sailing Collective chef embodies our philosophy of travel, storytelling, learning, and sharing. We use local ingredients to create a unique culinary experience for each voyage. This is unlike any food adventure you've ever been on.

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We produce bespoke experiential travel packages aboard a hand-picked vessel that will best suit your group's travel interests, comfort, budget, and cabin capacity. The exclusive Sailing Collective captain & chef teams will lead your journey by aligning with your travel goals through quality hospitality and providing unforgettable experiences along the way.

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After your information is submitted, we will be in touch within 24 hours about your journey. A private charter page will be created with the vessels you requested accompanied by the trip costs and add-ons. After reviewing with your group, you will select which vessel options best fit your group and budget.

Thailand FAQ

Q. Where do we fly into? 

Phuket International Airport

Q. Should we look for flights direct to Phuket International Airport or is it better buy fly indirectly? 

Assuming you’re starting destination is far away from Thailand, most flights will have a layover somewhere like Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Dubai. Select flights might fly directly into Phuket while other flights have a brief layover in Bangkok. Often it can be easier to search for a flight to Bangkok and then purchase an Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Phuket separately. 

Q. Is it worth having a day + layover in Bangkok or in an area like Hong Kong or Singapore during my layover? 

Absolutely! Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore are all very easy places to have a one-day+ layover and are highly recommended! It’s a great way to see a new place even for just one day. Each location has an accessible train service from the airport to the city center and is easily set up for a brief layover.

Q. How many cabins do the catamarans have?

Most catamarans we use in Thailand have 4 double-occupancy cabins. There are a limited number of 6 double-occupancy cabin catamarans available.

Q. When should we start planning?

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Eight months in advance is good so contact us ASAP!

Q. Do you have other travel recommendations while we are in this part of the world? 

You bet, we love travel and more than happy to offer suggestions. From extending your stay on the island of Phuket, exploring Northern Thailand, a weekend in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, etc., we know the area well and can offer suggestions.

Q. I’ve never been to this part of the world, should I be nervous?

Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world with close to no petty theft. Navigating Thailand while only speaking English is very simple.

Q. What kind of traveler is a good fit for this journey? 

The Thailand Voyage is a true adventure sailing in an area off the beaten track. We spend the week exploring hidden coves surrounding the famous Phang Nga Bay and sail south to Krabi and the Ko Lanta region. You should feel comfortable on the boat, with water, and be excited for activities. We will explore island lagoons and caves and spend time in the water. We will go ashore to explore but other than Ko Phi Phi, do not expect big civilizations.

Q. What are the cabins like on the catamarans?  Your cabin will be a normal catamaran cabin with a bed about the size of a queen mattress with usually two porthole windows for air circulation. There is often air conditioning aboard but we will not be using it all the time.


Lagoon 52

Lagoon 52

Luxurious and contemporary, noble and luxurious materials, with soft shades for a harmonious interior continuous horizontal and fluent lines give the interior open and generous spaces continuity between exterior and interior life a slender exterior design for a boat with a strong character.

Fontaine Pajot Astrea 42

Fontaine Pajot Astrea 42

By inventing the Astréa 42, Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans reaffirms its ongoing commitment to build and innovate based on its experience. The Astréa 42 builds on the strengths that have made the Saona 47 so successful: its inverted bow stands out as the trademark of the series. This innovative feature sketches out an elegant and dynamic silhouette, while creating stunning volumes inside the boat in spite of a relatively small overall size, with a mere 12.58 metres in length.






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