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North Dalmatia - Zadar Archipelago

Northern Dalmatia

Choosing the Sibenik and the Zadar Archipelago itinerary offers endless routes appealing for any sailor with interest in cruising in a quiet and relaxed location. Hundreds of islands comprise the archipelago most offering safe anchorages. The towns are scarcely spread throughout and mainly located on mainland Croatia, but even still, sailing to a nearly uninhabited island home to just one family run restaurant, looking far off in the hills, you may spot a Roman, Byzintine, or Vanetian structure along the treeline. Going ashore and you’ll find Croatians living a traditional life largely off the grid with their homstens located in protected bays, the type of cove protected from the prevailing winds and perfectly suitable for a sailors delight. 


North Dalmatia - Zadar Archipelago


June - October


Itinerary Ideas


Located south of the Telascica Bay on Dugi Otok is the island of Kornat and the Kornati National Reserve--an island covered in white limestone that feels like sailing to the moon. Trocks sloping down  into the sea are very bare, other than a few scattered patches of olive trees in terraced-lined plots of land. There are a few villages along the western side of Kornati welcoming sailors with their island hospitality, and most of the hamlets are home to at least one restaurant that’s open during the summer season.


A popular yet remote island near Zadar is the island of Zut-a place with no ferry service, limited fresh water, and no electricity sources other than generators and solar power. Roughly a 30 nautical mile sail from Zadar, Zut is rich with charming inlets and a large peaceful bay called Luka Zut. When entering the bay, there are two marinas upon the approach: first is the Adriatic Croatia International Club, commonly referred to as the ACI Marina, which is a nautical tourism company that operates 16 marinas throughout Croatia.

Dugi Otok

As one of Croatia’s largest bays, the narrow entrance opens up into the lake-like body of water. Here, the local winds blow from the north with a light but consistent breeze. The calm, serene waters make sailing north into the bay and tacking back and forth while making way towards the anchorages a delightful experience. There are a few rustic restaurants tucked away in coves that serve simple foods such as grilled meats, fresh and locally caught fish, and homegrown vegetables that are either prepared as a stew or grilled.


The islands surrounding Telascica appear to be endless, with passageways between them like a labyrinth in the sea that makes for exciting sailing, tacking and jibing through narrow channels. Most of the islands are uninhabited, and other than a few sparsely scattered homesteads, many of the residences here are only used as summer vacation homes.


Sailing Collective Chef

Sailing Collective Chef


A Sailing Collective chef embodies our pholosophy of travel, storytelling, learning, and sharing. We use local ingredients to create a unique culinary experience for each voyage. This is unlike any food adventure you've ever been on.

Sailing Collective Captain

Sailing Collective Captain


Your professional crew are talented explorers who combine their love of sailing with personalized hospitality. Each captain is professionally certified and able to lead your one of a kind experience at sea.

General Information


Sailing Collective will provision your journey with local foods and produce.  Cooking Aboard: Your Sailing Collective chef/crew is incredibly talented and can handle the group's needs with ease. We are all about participation and learning, so if you'd like to help, just ask and we'll get you involved! Collective groups may choose to dine out more times than scheduled if the group or individuals choose.

Included in provisioning package: 

  • 7 Breakfasts

  • 6 Lunches

  • 3 Dinners (or similar)

  • Light Snacks

  • Water

  • Coffee & Tea

Dietary Restrictions: We can accommodate as long as we know in advance! It is important to notify us of any dietary restrictions ahead of time and include full details in the Guest Form that you will fill out prior to the start of the trip.


We recommend planning on having at least $300 – $600 in spending money depending on spending habits. You will be responsible for paying for:

  • All expenses on shore including meals and drinks

  • Flights and transportation to and from the marina location

  • Onboard Alcohol

  • Gratuity (a 10% to 20% offering)


Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and for six months after you return. Your passport name must match the name on the flight ticket otherwise you may not be able to travel and insurance may be invalid. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure relevant visas are obtained where necessary. The Sailing Collective cannot be held responsible for refusal of entry or travel due to lack of visas. If you are in any doubt please contact your Embassy for full details.


Tipping your captain and crew is welcomed. If you are satisfied with your service, the industry standard for yacht charters ranges from 10-20% of the cost of the charter. Gratuity is split evenly between the crew and can be paid via cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal. Please contact your Sailing Collective Journey Coordinator if you have any questions.

Travel Insurance:

We require purchasing a travel insurance policy that protects you in case of general and covid-related trip interruptions. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, you forfeit the right to a refund or credit in the event you have to cancel your trip with Sailing Collective.


Collapsible bags in place of large rigid suitcases are advised for ease of transport on and off the boat. Loading and unloading from the dingy can be a wet activity, a pair of shoes such as flip-flops that you can get wet if we are landing on a beach.

During days on the water, you’ll want to be wearing light and comfortable clothing.  As the vast majority of your time will be spent outside, prepare for elements - bring a light raincoat just in case, a hat to shield yourself from the sun, and a warm layer.  Throughout the week we may dine out at a nice restaurant, so bring an outfit looks nice and suits your style. Loading and unloading from the dingy on beaches can be a wet activity, a pair of shoes that you can get wet is recommended.

We also encourage that people bring ecologically appropriate products into ocean environments. You can read more about those recommendations on the Sailing Collective Journal here: Packing for a Healthy Ocean

  • Passport

  • Camera or sketchpad - a dry bag or waterproof case for your phone and camera is highly recommended

  • A hat - something with a little sun protection

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen - preferably reef safe

  • A light raincoat/wind jacket

  • Boat shoes or non-slip shoes such as sneakers or tennis shoes

  • Shoes you don’t mind getting wet such as flip-flops

  • Any special dietary foods

  • Water bottle

  • Toiletries

  • Beach towel, Turkish towel, or Sarong (1 bath towel is provided with linens)

  • A handful of bathing suits

  • Printouts or notes of important info such as meeting details and travel documents


Terms & Conditions:

By booking this journey, you agree to comply with the stated Terms & Conditions and Covid Considerations, available on our website. Please contact info@thesailingcollective.com with any questions. 

Covid Travel Protocol:

Travelers are required to review and agree to our Sailing Collective Pandemic Guest Agreement. All travelers are required to be vaccinated on our group journeys. Please email info@thesailingcollective.com with any questions or if you believe you qualify for a health-related exception. 





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