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Society Islands

Society Islands

118 islands and atolls rise in serenity from the heart of the South Pacific, each with a character as unique as its shape, to form the land of French Polynesia. From the more renowned Society Islands to the more remote Marquesas, a great diversity of experience awaits. Diving among bright rainbow fish in crystal clear lagoons. Hiking in lush tropical forests. Sunning on powdery clean white or exotic black sand beaches. Dining on cuisine influenced by French, Asian and Polynesian tastes.

Your journey will be crewed by a captain and chef who are trained professionals and explorers at heart. Sailing Collective crew includes sailors, travelers, artists, gastronomes and academics who will offer a wealth of information and diverse experience. This crew will work with you to build a customized day to day itinerary tailored to your group needs, interests, and desired activities.

Step 1) Select your dates

Step 2) Request your vessels of choice

Step 3) Receive your quote from a Sailing Collective Journey Coordinator

Included in the Collective Package:

  • Private Collective captain and chef

  • Travel support to help guide you on your journey

  • Onboard family style meals with 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 3 dinners and snacks prepared and served by the chef

  • Marina fees and dockage

  • Boat incidentals including fuel, water, bedding, towels, etc.

  • And of course 7 days of unabashed adventure and epic memories...


Society Islands
French Polynesia


April through November




The second-largest island in the Society Islands, Raiatea is mountainous and lush with plenty of agriculture to make for a plentiful farmers market in Uturoa each day. The Lagoon that surrounds it is almost entirely navigable except for a few impassable sections where sailing yachts must exit a pass in the reef and enter another to continue on around. You can also sail up to Taha’a without leaving the lagoon that they share. 


Amidst the Leeward Islands is one of the archipelagos more picturesque islands, Taha’a. Located just north of Raiatea. Sailing between Huahine and Bora Bora, Taha’a is an ideal midpoint to break up the passage and spend a few days discovering all the island’s deepwater coves along the shore and sandy anchorages along the reef.


Two islands connected by a low bridge, Huanine Nui (the big island) and Huahine Iti (the smaller) share a lagoon that has limited passes navigable in a sailboat. This is the most easterly island in the Leewards. The experience of sailing to this island will stay with you long after you depart this unique destination, it has a certain magical ambiance. Huahine is even greener with a sprawling jungle that envelopes the twin peaks. Hidden in the thick brush are marae, ancient temples and these mountains are home to more of these archaeological sites than anywhere in French Polynesia.

Bora Bora

The pearl of the Pacific-the very name Bora Bora is synonymous with exotic adventures at the end of the world, but none of the lore and legend prepares you for the feeling of sailing through the impossibly blue waters of the lagoon in the shadow of a sheer cliff face. Bora Bora is so odd in its formation that it takes on radically different shapes and personalities as you sail around it. Viewing the famous spire is like looking for shapes in clouds, ever-changing before your eyes.


Sitting 28 nautical miles west of Bora Bora is the island of Maupiti, often referred to as “little Bora Bora” for its geographic similarities, but culturally the two islands sit an ocean apart. Maupiti has none of the luxurious hotels that ring the lagoon at Bora Bora and the culture of the island is a little more relaxed because of it.

Trip Details


  • Air Tahiti Nui - Los Angeles to Tahiti

  • United Airways - San Francisco to Tahiti

Travelers must book a 50 minute flight from Tahiti to Raiatea on Air Tahiti Nui, multipe flights operate daily and range from $100 - $200 round trip.

 Starting Marina & Meet Up Location 

Marina Base: Marina Uturoa, Raiatea

By Air: Fly direct to Tahiti via the international airport in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti. Internal flights between Papeete and Raiatea are with Air Tahiti. Airport transfers can be made on request and the base is close to the airport and from Uturoa, the capital of the Leeward Islands. There are also flights to Raiatea from: Moorea, Maupiti, Bora Bora, and Huahine.

Arrival: First night is spent at the marina in Uturoa, Raiatea. Official meet up time is at 6:00 pm and arrive anytime on Day 1 and you can leave your luggage at the marina office and take a taxi to explore Raiatea. 

Disembarking: We must be off the boat by 9:00 am the final day of the charter. A regional flight can be made for anytime after 12:00 pm. 



Sailing Collective will provision your journey with local foods and produce.  Cooking Aboard: Your Sailing Collective chef/crew is incredibly talented and can handle the group's needs with ease. We are all about participation and learning, so if you'd like to help, just ask and we'll get you involved! Collective groups may choose to dine out more times than scheduled if the group or individuals choose.

  • Included in provisioning package: 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 3 Dinners, Light Snacks, Water, Coffee & Tea

  • Not included in provisioning package: Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Wine, Beer, etc.

Dietary Restrictions: Important to notify your Sailing Collective representative of any dietary restrictions ahead of time and fill out details in Guest Form

Travel Tips

  • We recommend soft luggage and to pack light. Excess luggage can be costly in the regions especially on the smaller planes between Papeete and the other islands to Raiatea. There is also limited space to leave your large luggage and you may have to keep your hard luggage in your cabin. 

  • Clothing

    : Don't complicate things folks! Shorts, a pair of long pants, t-shirts, a dress shirt, a party shirt, a hat, deck shoes, water shoes, sunglasses, and you're good! We're in paradise remember and not much is needed! You'll probably experience some rain so don't forget to bring a light raincoat as well. 

  • Dress code: 

    Ladies, please be mindful of local and cultural norms, bathing suits in the villages is not recommended without a shawl or a coverup as the locals are not used to semi-nude people. Guys, you'll want to have a t-shirt on when in the villages as well. 

  • Snorkeling Gear

    : Basic gear is provided but if you have your own mask, you may want to pack it. 

  • Mosquitoes

    : They can be a problem when exploring ashore so please pack quality repellent especially if you have allergies. 

Additional Cost

  • Recommended $300 – $600 in spending money depending on spending habits

  • Additional food and beverages including alcohol

  • All expenses on shore including meals and drinks

  • Flights and transportation to and from the marina location


Tipping is welcomed - 10% to 20% is common and gratuity is split evenly between crew members.


Lagoon 50

Lagoon 50

A flybridge with two secure accesses and a helm station provides perfect visibility. And behind the helm station, a huge modular recreation area conceals a storage area large enough to store all the cushions. A large open cockpit facing out to sea, large stern skirts enable easy access to the boat and a large modular dining area with removable bench seats to welcome children and adults alike.





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