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Tortola & the British Virgin Islands

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If the Caribbean strung together is considered a sailors paradise, the British Virgin Islands deserve a special category of praise for their role in earning that reputation.

In a small area relative to much of the Caribbean lie a group of islands with nearly flawless sailing conditions for any mariner cruising in the archipelago. Sailing here is a lifestyle; the winds blow from the east all winter and rarely change in direction, so the navigation is dynamic yet simple with easy passageways that do not cause a fuss when sailing. You can’t tack without missing a rum bar perched along a beach. With inviting anchorages scattered throughout the islands, it’s accessible to new sailors and a favorite of experienced old-timers alike. Book your crewed charter today!

Fully crewed professional yacht charters aboard premier monohulls & catamarans ranging from 40' to 62' accommodating from 2 to 10 guests. Contact us today to receive your custom quote!


British Virgin Islands


November 1st through July 31st | Peak season take place during the months of February & March



As one of the most regularly sailed itineraries worldwide, there’s no one right or wrong way to plan your voyage. The abundance of islands clustered with such close proximity allows for sailors to sail with the wind conditions in the spirit of the moment. Some skippers will take their crew through a circumnavigate of Tortola while others will zig zag jumping from island to island-Norman Island and then to Marina Cay, North Sound, Virgin Gorda and then sail south to Cooper Island.

The ability to choose your own adventure is one of the pleasures of the BVI. Most of the prominent marinas are located on the south coast of Tortola, which is a common location to start your charter. Roadtown is the main harbor and the capital of Tortola home to most of the provisioning and supplies for sailors cruising the region.

Norman Island

One of the famed islands here is Norman Island-home to the infamous floating bar Willy T’s, which is situated in its largest cove called ‘The Bight’ until the permanently anchored ship sank in 2017 during the unprecedented devastation of Hurricane Irma. Now re-born on a new vessel, the bar is known for its abundance of sailors who can be seen arriving by dinghy and tying up alongside.

Salt Island

One of the lesser ventured activities is hiking around Salt Island, which remains completely uninhabited other than a few families of goats that roam freely around the lush green fields. This island once had a productive salt pond facility that shipped salt as an export until the mid 1970s. Even today during certain periods when the salt pond is dry, you can scrape up the island’s salt which is still harvested in small batches.


The northernmost island in the archipelago requires more sailing time, usually on a pleasant beam reach, depending on which island you set out from. With the trade winds blowing normally leaving from Gorda Sound offers the nicest tack. Anegada is unlike the others.  In a chain of mountainous volcanic islands, Anegada was formed by a coral reef and is just a few meters above sea level at its highest point.

Jost Van Dyke

Sailing southwest from Anegada roughly 25 nautical miles, and just a short hop from Tortola’s west end, is Jost Van Dyke, one of the most emblematic of all the islands in the region. Culture seems to flow from here to the other islands and you’ll see this island’s signature style emulated elsewhere in the form of signed t-shirts and flags hanging from driftwood rafters of the local establishments or signature cocktails but the authenticity of it all here is unmistakable.

How To Book

The Sailing Collective crewed private sailing charter is the ideal hassle-free experience for you and your family or friends. With exclusive partnerships with the key reputable agencies on Tortola, we have extensive knowledge on each vessel and carefully navigate the obstacles on your behalf.

Confirming your booking with us ensures trust and safety with the most personalized and reliable crew in the industry. Book your Sailing Collective crewed private sailing charter with confidence!

Included in Quote:
  • Professional captain

  • Private professional chef

  • Gourmet & local provisioning for onboard meals [beverages package by request]

  • Personalized travel concierge

  • Boat incidentals including fuel, dockage, local tax

  • Bespoke itinerary planning and quality customer service attention

We work for YOU!

How it works - The Sailing Collective Travel Co. is the leading bespoke concierge yacht charter broker in the British Virgin Islands with access to over 400 quality vessels throughout the Virgin Islands. We have close working relationships with our partners to ensure your sailing charter is successful without any delay or hiccups along the way.

The Sailing Collective crew leads the industry in professionalism and creativity. Your captain will have a wealth of knowledge of the British Virgin Islands including the most unique and excellent shore activities and dining experiences.

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Each vessel option can be held for up to 5-days at a time at which point we can release, re-option, or confirm the charter.

About the Food

The Sailing Collective Travel Co. takes food to a new level. We believe by sourcing local ingredients from local friends we have made throughout our travels pushes us to experience where we are by being engulfed by the regional flavors. You will feel bewildered at first, and then you will feel ecstasy with each meal.

Each voyage, both group & private, has a private culinary artist aboard preparing some of the most unique, interesting, and thoughtful food you may ever enjoy in your life! From breakfast to dinner each day of the journey, we are blessed by beautiful meals by one of the most talented culinary teams in travel anywhere in the world.


Dufour 430 Monohull

Dufour 430 Monohull

Constantly looking to the future, Dufour designs each new model to provide pleasure and feel in complete serenity, whatever your cruising project and however you use your yacht. For over 60 years, we have been designing and building innovative, high-performance sailing boats. Marked by an assertive character and an identity recognisable among the crowd, Dufour yachts suit your desires and your boating programme to offer you amazing and comfortable sailing experiences and the pride of owning an elegant and safe yacht from an emblematic brand.

Fontaine Pajot Astrea 42

Fontaine Pajot Astrea 42

By inventing the Astréa 42, Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans reaffirms its ongoing commitment to build and innovate based on its experience. The Astréa 42 builds on the strengths that have made the Saona 47 so successful: its inverted bow stands out as the trademark of the series. This innovative feature sketches out an elegant and dynamic silhouette, while creating stunning volumes inside the boat in spite of a relatively small overall size, with a mere 12.58 metres in length.





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