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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda

Initially one of Great Britain’s sugar colonies, Antigua flourished. Over the years the island’s landscape, rule, and industries have changed, however – it’s beauty, charm and character have remained. With an intricate coastline, made up of bays and inlets, scattered with coral reefs and shoals, Antigua is the perfect spot for a sailing holiday. The beaches are gorgeous, the weather is some of the best in the world, and its blended creole heritage adds an interesting twist. In Antigua, you will find African influences and European influences, combined to give Antigua its own personality. These influences have had huge impacts on Antigua’s language, food, and music. During your time on this lovely island, take some time to uncover it’s deep and rich history to fully immerse yourself in its present-day culture on an Antigua sailing itinerary.

Each of the Caribbean islands is renown for their own distinctly unique cultures, and Antigua and Barbuda do not disappoint! We’ve carefully designed the Antigua Sailing Itinerary to show you the best of Antigua. 


Antigua & Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda


Late Fall through Late Spring



Day 1: Arrive at the base, Jolly Harbour, a relaxed Caribbean town with open air bars on the waterfront – perfect for atmospheric cocktails as the sun sets. Greencastle Hill Park is one of Antigua’s highest points and popular for its views and megaliths.

Day 2: Head to Five Islands Harbour and the boat accessible Pinching Bay, where you can enjoy a peaceful, undeveloped beach – something that’s becoming rare on Antigua. Snorkeling and beachcombing are good here but take your own provisions for lunch and dine on board. If you want amenities, try the neighboring Hawksbill Bay with its resort.

Day 3: Sail north to Deep Bay, which is renowned for great snorkeling thanks to a 100-year old shipwreck in the bay. You’ll be able to see a lot underwater here as the water is so clear and calm. If you are feeling energetic you can hike for 10 minutes and explore Fort Barrington, which was built in 1780.

Day 4: Head south to English Harbour, which is also known as Nelson’s dockyard due to its heritage as an important former British military base. Horatio Nelson lived in the dockyard in the late 1700s. This is the last working Georgian-era dockyard in the world and it’s recently undergone a major transformation and restoration.

Day 5: Head to Green Island, an uninhabited isle which is privately owned by the Mill Reef Club. The western part of the island is just the spot for snorkeling and spotting colorful fish, even turtles, as well as exploring quiet, sandy beaches. It’s often described as a charter highlight. You can also stop by Willikies and the rock formation Devil’s Bridge.

Day 6: Make for Carlisle Bay, known for its luxury resort where you can enjoy the fine dining ashore or stop at the wonderful anchorages to explore beautiful scenery. It’s a great place to kayak and explore the mangroves.


Professional Captain

Professional Captain

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Private Chef

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Marina: Jolly Harbour Marina

Charter Company: Dream Yacht Charter

  • Meeting time: 7:00 pm on Day 1

  • Disembarking time: 9:00 am on the final day


For your Antigua charter, you can get to VC Bird International Airport (ANU) via several daily direct or connecting flight options from the US.

From Miami (3 hours flight time), New York (4 hours flight time), Atlanta or Charlotte.

Carriers include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and US Airways. Most direct flights are from the eastern US. 


The best time to visit Antigua is between January and May when the weather and trade winds are more stable, and temperatures are comfortable. 

The average temperature in Antigua between December and May (the winter months) can reach 86ºF with cooler nights around 68ºF and a water temperature of 78ºF. Between June and November, the weather is warmer and less stable with temperatures around 89ºF and a water temperature of 82ºF.

The sailing conditions for Antigua yacht charters during the winter months are stable with trade winds generally blowing from the east or northeast around 18 to 20 knots, with occasional higher speeds during gusts or squalls. 

During winter, there can sometimes be northerly ground swells that affect some anchorages – especially Barbuda. Talk to the base about your itinerary before you set off. 

In the summer, winds blow from the east to southeast between 10 and 25 knots.


The currency in Antigua is Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Use any chip debit card at an ATM at the airport to get local currency.


Bali 54

Bali 54

The BALI 5.4 Open Space is characterized by completely open spaces and very ergonomic living spaces. In addition to the recognized innovations such as the rigid front cockpit with lounge area and sunbathing, the new platform linking the two rear skirts with large bench and chests, the large tilt-and-turn door and sliding windows, a panoramic relaxation area on the roof, the BALI 5.4 offers new access to the front cockpit through an interior door and cabins through panels opening onto the rear cockpit.





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