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Grenada & The Grenadines

New Year's Voyage | Grenada

As you sail along the west coast of Grenada, small settlements dot the shoreline connected by a road along the water's edge. The land above the coast climbs dramatically to densely forested mountaintops where mona monkeys swing from the trees. On the horizon ahead are green islands fringed by reefs, and your sails are trimmed to take you there across deep and wild waters. Strong ocean currents, confused seas, and active undersea volcanoes all conspire to keep you away, but venturing into the Grenadines is a journey worth embarking on.

The Grenadines is a group of thirty-some-odd islands extending about 50 miles between St Vincent and Grenada. These southernmost of the Windward Islands are so extraordinary they are worthy of an entire winter’s exploration. The archipelago is a mix of sandy cays and small volcanic islands that together creates biodiversity sparsely seen in the Caribbean. St George’s on Grenada is the preferred departure port for the southern grenadines with its position giving sailors options to explore along the craggy south coast of Grenada and take advantage of the trade winds for an out-and-back voyage.

Direct Jetblue flights from JFK -> Grenada • Direct American flights from Miami -> Grenada

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Dec 28th — Jan 4th 2023

8 days, 7 nights


Grenada & The Grenadines
Grenada & The Grenadines


$6900 Double Cabin


1 Double Cabin


Exploring Grenada & The Grenadines is perhaps the greatest of all Caribbean sailing itineraies. Join the Adventure!

There's only one way to spend New Year's Week, and that's with the Sailing Collective in the Tropics


St George’s

St George’s is true to its roots, architectural details convey the antiquity of the city and its role as an important port. Beginning a sailing voyage in St George’s offers wonderful provisioning options for the boat embarking on a voyage through the Grenadines. Follow the locals to the street markets that spring up along the main road where farmers sell fresh produce out of the back of pickup trucks every morning. Traditional Ital food stands, the natural vegetarian cuisine of the Rastafarian people, make fresh juices and teas.

Ronde Island

Ronde Island is the geographic sister of Kick ‘em Jenny and has the rough edges of a recently formed island. Cliffs drop straight into the ocean and crumble onto sandy beaches that hug the shoreline. Only a small seasonal fishing village exists on one end of this otherwise uninhabited island.


The open horizon to westward offers remarkable views of the sun setting over the Caribbean Sea off the back of your boat while you float at anchor. Dinghy ashore and enjoy a local feast at the Lazy Turtle or any of the local seaside restaurants offering fish and rum. A fisherman harvests a unique Caribbean oyster that are about the size of a coin. After you finish your anchoring procedures, he’ll often dinghy alongside your boat and sell these small but fantastically sweet and delicious delicacies. 

Sandy Island

Sitting just west of Carriacou in the protection of its lee is a small skinny island with a few palm trees growing along a fine-grained white beach. Ashore is the allure of the desert island, once you have arrived, the humdrum of outside life leaves you alone and you settle into a pace that is solely the wind in the palms and the waves lapping at the sand. A perfect anchorage before sailing north or as a stop on your way back south.

Tobago Cays

Locals in their colorfully painted and cleverly named speedboats are busy in the park offering a wide variety of services. Ice, trash pickup, and souvenirs will all come right to you and each one will offer to arrange a lobster cookout dinner on the beach at Petit Bateau. The protected waters are home to many Sea turtles and plenty of fish, rays, sea stars, and coral on the outer reef.


The beach is lined with local establishments on the southern end and has beautiful bright sand and coconut palms along its entire stretch. On the windward side of this peninsula, there is a long beach that is perfect for kiteboarders of all skill levels and will often be dotted with colorful kites.


Flannery Klette-Kolton

Flannery Klette-Kolton

Culinary Director and Chef

Despite my tiny frame, I am an eater and food is always on my mind! I love every element of the food experience, from shopping the finest the farmers market has to provide to the preparation of an exquisite meal. A hostess at heart, it is the sensual and intimate aspect of dining that remains most important to me.  I always keep in mind that overall indulgence is exemplified through flawless service and genuine hospitality. I believe that food has the capacity to fascinate and surprise, and I am not one to resist sharing my discoveries with any innocent bystander who has a set of ears, an open mind, and an empty stomach. 

Brenden Jones

Brenden Jones


Brenden is an engineer, sailor, and climber currently based in Charlotte, NC. He grew up in Connecticut, sailing on Long Island Sound at the Longshore Sailing School during the summers, and has been chartering monohulls and catamarans for about 15 years. Currently working as a structural engineer inspecting bridges and dams across the US, Brenden previously spent 9 years as an engineer in the Middle East and West Africa, and is also a partner of a bar in Brooklyn, NYC. Brenden enjoys the camaraderie and culture sharing that’s often so quickly found in a port, as well as the privacy and natural beauty of a secluded anchorage.

Trip Details

  • Captain & Chef

  • Provisioning for all onboard meals [all meals excluding 4 meals ashore]

  • Catamaran for 7 nights

  • Vessel incidentals such as fuel, water, ice

  • Soft beverages


Airport: Maurice Bishop International Airport [Direct flights from Miami on American Airlines or JFK on Jetblue]

Starting Location & Arrival Times

Meeting location: Port Louis Marina, Grenada

  • Boarding time is at 7:00 pm* on Day 1. We sleep aboard at the marina on night one and embark the following morning.

  • Return time is 9:00 am on Day 8. Please do not book return flights before 2:00 pm. If you must, please contact the Sailing Collective journey coordinator.

* If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at the charter base office and explore town or the nearby beaches. We will dine out together after orientation aboard.


La Phare Blue: $250 - $650 villa rental per night (at the starting and ending marina) 

La Sagesse: $100 - $250 room rental per night 

La Luna: $400 + villa rental per night


Please ensure your passport is valid for the period of travel and for six months after you return. The name on your passport must match the name on the flight ticket, otherwise, you may not be able to travel.

  • Recommended $300 – $600 in spending money depending on spending habits.

  • Additional food and beverages including alcohol.

  • All expenses on shore including meals and drinks.

  • Flights and transportation to and from the marina location.

  • Immigration & customs between Grenada & St Vincent

Gratuity for the crew is welcomed, 15-20% is customary.


Collapsible bags in place of large rigid suitcases are advised for ease of transport on and off the boat. Loading and unloading from the dingy can be a wet activity, a pair of water shoes that can get wet if we are landing on a beach.

You’ll want to be wearing light and comfortable clothing. As the vast majority of your time will be spent outside, prepare for the elements — bring a light raincoat just in case, a hat to shield yourself from the sun, and a set of warm clothing.


Passport • camera - dry bag or case for your phone and camera is highly recommended • hat / sunglasses / sunscreen • light rain coat / wind jacket • boat shoes or non-slip shoes • water bottle • any special dietary foods • toiletries • bug spray • beach towel

About the Food

The Sailing Collective Travel Co. takes food to a new level. We believe by sourcing local ingredients from local friends we have made throughout our travels pushes us to experience where we are by being engulfed by the regional flavors. You will feel bewildered at first, and then you will feel ecstasy with each meal.

Each voyage, both group & private, has a private culinary artist aboard preparing some of the most unique, interesting, and thoughtful food you may ever enjoy in your life! From breakfast to dinner each day of the journey, we are blessed by beautiful meals by one of the most talented culinary teams in travel anywhere in the world.


Lagoon 42

Lagoon 42


New Year's Voyage | Grenada

Grenada & The Grenadines


Dec 28th — Jan 4th 2023


Grenada & The Grenadines

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